Chase Log: Nebraska City, Nebraska, March 23, 2016

In the afternoon of March 23, 2016 I decided to make a local chase around the NE/MO/IA border area. The SPC highlighed a 5% risk area and issued a Tornado Watch for much of the area in a wedge-shaped region close to a triple point. I left Topeka around 12:30 pm and headed to the Auburn, Nebraska area. I waited for initiation at that location. Around 3 pm the watch was issued, and towers started to go up to my east. I relocated to Rock Port, Missouri and could see an attempt at a wall cloud on a cell to my north. Heading to Nebraska City, I could see a very nice shelf cloud. Unfortunately, due to rain a photo would probably not have turned out well. The next hour or so I drove into far SW Iowa in search of a decent cell, and I could not find one. It seemed that because there were so many cells trying to develop, they interfered with each other too much to get much intensity. Low level moisture was also at a premium, which I’m sure didn’t help matters. I returned home, driving into some intense downpours on the way. Although the chase busted, it was nice to get out and see some storms, and get a little more experience for the season ahead.

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